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The 144 000 Jews of Revelation 7

Q: In Chapter 10 of your book The Footsteps of the Messiah, you deal with the worldwide revival led by the 144,000 Jews. In your comments on Revelation 7:9-17, you cover the results of this revival. I understand that Revelation 7:9 may be referencing Gentiles when it says that out of every nation and out of all tribes and peoples and tongues, a great multitude will be standing before the throne and the Lamb. Does this mean that beyond the 144,000 Jews, no other Jew will be saved during this time, or is Scripture just silent concerning Jews who will be alive at this time but will not be a part of the 144,000?

A: The group mentioned in Revelation 7:9-17 certainly consists of Gentiles who are martyred during the first half of the tribulation. This group may also include saved Jews, but there is no specific mention of them. The book of Revelation and Matthew 24 make it clear that from the midpoint of the tribulation until the last three days before the second coming of the Messiah, individual Jews will be saved. Then, in the last three days of the tribulation, the whole nation of Israel will come to saving faith. But as far as I can tell, the Bible is silent about Jewish salvation between the beginning and the midpoint of the tribulation. This may mean that beyond the 144,000 Jewish people who will be saved and will bring about a worldwide revival, no other Jew will be saved during this time. However, it may also mean that some will be saved, but the Bible simply does not mention them.


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