Temporarily Confined Demons

Temporarily Confined Demons

Some demons are confined temporarily after being cast out of a person. The demon, Legion, of Luke 8:31 did not wish to be sent into the place of confinement and asked to be allowed to go into the pigs instead. Some are confined temporarily after being cast out and then released later.

Many others are confined temporarily now, but are to be released for specific judgments of the Great Tribulation. Revelation 9:1–11 speaks of the release of demons for a period of five months to torment men to a great degree, but short of death. And Revelation 9:13–21 speaks of the release of two hundred million demons for the purpose of killing one-third of the world’s population.

The place of temporary confinement for theses demons is the abyss. Some are confined there now and will be released during the Great Tribulation; while others are temporarily confined there after being cast out, to be released later to do Satan’s bidding again.

Excerpt from Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum:


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