A Doctrine of Demons By Andrew D. Robinson

Dr. Fruchtenbaum calls replacement theology “theological anti-Semitism.” Andrew D. Robinson, the author of this month’s cover story, calls it “a doctrine of demons.” The article is an excerpt of his work Israel Betrayed, a book Ariel Ministries recently published in two volumes and about which Dr. Randall Price notes, “It would be presumptuous for any researcher to attempt to survey, much less correct, the vast history of belief and tradition that has formed the interpretive ideas concerning Israel and the church, but that is precisely what the late pastor Andrew Robinson and historical scholar Paul Wilkinson have successfully done.”

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This article first appeared in Ariel Magazine, Summer 2018 / Volume 1 / #27, pp 08-13. It has been republished here with permission by the copyright owner: Ariel Ministries USA, 11926 Radium St, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA. © 2022 by Ariel Ministries USA. All rights reserved.


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