The Messiah in 2 Samuel 20-24 By Jacques Isaac Gabizon

The second book of Samuel is ultimately about the coming of the Messiah. It tells the story of the many difficulties surrounding the life of His ancestors and of what they endured for carrying the seed of Genesis 3:15. From the moment God promised that the seed of the woman would come to crush the serpent’s head until the second coming, the resistance to God’s Messianic plan and the attempts to stop the preparations for His coming have never subsided. The book of Samuel teaches us that the closer the world gets to the arrival of Messiah, the more the attacks increase. In this way, Samuel is like a prophecy for today, for Yeshua is coming soon.

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This article first appeared in Ariel Magazine, Spring 2020 / Volume 1 / #34, pp 14-19. It has been republished here with permission by the copyright owner: Ariel Ministries USA, 11926 Radium St, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA. © 2022 by Ariel Ministries USA. All rights reserved.


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