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The Good News of Passover, Making Sense of the Jews - MP3

The Good News of Passover, Making Sense of the Jews - MP3

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The Good News of Passover, Making Sense of the Jews - MP3

by Pastor Jacques Isaac Gabizon

Over five and one half hours of solid Biblical teaching, recorded live at our global headquarters in 2009. Professionally edited and divided into chapters corresponding to the teaching outline.

The Good News of Passover (Part One): In the Scriptures, much stress is put onto the Feast of Passover. It commemorates the birth of the nation Israel, a time when God gave the Israelites a new calendar, a new law to live by, and most importantly, a feast which strongly links the nation of Israel with her Messiah. Today this all important perspective has been lost. This teaching will both help the Jew rediscover his biblical origins and carry the Gentile believer back to the roots of the doctrine of redemption.

Making Sense of the Jews (Part Two): Is it possible for anyone to grasp the fundamental message of the Bible without considering one essential element that permeates throughout it, from Genesis to Revelation? Israel is found everywhere in Scripture and is not only connected with the Church's fundamental doctrines but is directly related to Jesus Christ who came from this nation. Today, while biblical Christianity has been salvaged by many godly men and women who were instrumental in bringing thousands to a saving knowledge, there still exists a great bias against the Jewish people. Jacques traces the history of Israel throughout its various dispersions and shows how it suffered and still suffers today in the hands of many true believers.

Print the exegetical outline and follow along with Jacques as he teaches the Word of God.


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