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Israel In The Biblical Worldview: An Introduction

Israel In The Biblical Worldview: An Introduction

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Israel In The Biblical Worldview: An Introduction
By Perry Trotter

Is the subject of Israel a peripheral matter within Christian thought? Is it merely a detail over which believers can hold any one of a range of views? Or is Israel’s restoration a central biblical theme essential to a sound biblical worldview and a remarkable demonstration of divine grace, wisdom and faithfulness?

This book argues that failure to properly handle the biblical data on Israel undermines the divine communication project and distorts the identity and destiny of the Messiah Himself. An extended section surveys the techniques replacement theologians have employed in order to effectively negate explicit biblical statements. It is hoped that believers will be better equipped to navigate the rugged landscape of Christian ideas around the issue of Israel.

"...a masterful compilation of the pertinent prophecies and the antisemitic history of the past two thousand years to help us understand the reason the Jews still exist and their irreplaceable importance in God’s theocratic program for mankind."
From the Foreword by Dr David R Anderson 
Distinguished Professor of SystematicTheology and Biblical Languages

"…a concise, reader-friendly yet deceptively full study of the place and importance of Israel in Scripture. …a commendable piece of work from a sound teacher. What more could one want?"
Paul Martin Henebury, PhD
Telos Theological Ministries, USA

"This book has no agenda but that of Scripture, and clearly lays out God’s plan and program for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. It does that with utmost fidelity."
Mottel Baleston
Messianic Jewish Educator, New Jersey, USA


Part I
1 Who is the Messiah?
2 Who is Israel?
3 Thinking Biblically About Israel
4 The Significance of the Biblical Covenants
5 Replacement Theology
6 New Testament Assumptions and Expectations
7 Response and Responsibility
8 A Mixed Record at the Ends of the Earth
9 Antisemitism and Its Unseen Cause
10 Conclusion

Part II
Turning The Text On Its Head:
How Replacement Theology Argues Its Case
I Reinterpretation
II Proof Texting and Decontextualisation
III Neo-Marcionism
IV Typology, Allegory and Spiritualization
V Christological Interpretation
VI Conflation and “Amorphization”
VII Fallacious Reasoning
VIII Theological Override

Appendix: Messianic Prophecy
Appendix: Antisemitism
Appendix: The Abstract Palestinian and the Selective Cry For Justice
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