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Israel’s Only Hope: The New Covenant

Israel’s Only Hope: The New Covenant

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Israel’s Only Hope: The New Covenant 
by John B. Metzger

What is the New Covenant? In Jewish and Christian circles this subject will get a blank expression and a movement of the shoulder saying, “I don’t know anything about it.” Both Jewish and Christian audiences have a very inadequate understanding of this covenant. Jewish people do not understand it because they are completely focused on Rabbinic Law and do not understand that the law only judges and condemns a sinner, it does not remove sin. Whereas the New Covenant gives everlasting life, it does what the Law was incapable of doing. Most church-going Christians are aware of the term New Covenant, yet they have little understanding of the ramifications of the New Covenant to the church. The New Covenant is a Jewish Covenant, the church does not own it or possess it for themselves, it is a Jewish covenant! Yet the New Covenant literally echoes off of every page of the New Testament whether it was written by Paul, Peter, James or John.

After reading this book you will have biblical understanding but even more important a spiritual understanding of your place in the Messiah and God’s fulfillment of all the eternal covenants made with Israel that He will fulfill in the Kingdom. This will give you a biblical understanding of what the Messiah of Israel did on the tree [cross]. The New Covenant is the glue that puts together the Abrahamic, Land, Davidic, and New Covenants and wraps them all around the person of Yeshua [Jesus] the Messiah. Come with me and follow this covenant through the Hebrew Scriptures into the New Testament.

    • Paperback: 301 pages
    • ISBN: 978-0-9912151-3-3

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