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MBS025 Jesus' Right to David's Throne

MBS025 Jesus' Right to David's Throne

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MBS 025 -  Jesus' Right to David's Throne
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

The question is often raised: “Because Yeshua (Jesus) was not the real son of Joseph but only the son of Mary, does He have the right to sit on David’s throne?” Also, related to this issue are the two genealogies found in Matthew 1:1–17 and Luke 3:23–38. If Jesus were only the son of Mary and not Joseph, why was it necessary to give Joseph’s genealogy? How do we know that Luke’s genealogy is that of Mary, as she is not named in it, but Joseph is? These are questions that need to be answered satisfactorily in order to provide a basis for the understanding of why Yeshua could claim the throne of David.

This study deals with these questions

MBS003, 007, 011, 012, 013, 016, 026, 087, and our series on Christology

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