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MBS028 The Olivet Discourse

MBS028 The Olivet Discourse

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MBS 028 - The Olivet Discourse
by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

The famous Olivet Discourse of our Messiah occurred between two significant events. Immediately preceding the Olivet Discourse, the Messiah spoke the final words of His public ministry found in Matthew 23:1–39, which contain the denunciation of the leadership, especially for their guilt in leading the nation to reject the Messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus).

Immediately after the Olivet Discourse came the preparation of the last Passover and the first Lord’s Supper. These events came just before His death. During the last Passover and the first Lord’s Supper, the famous Upper Room Discourse occurred, in which there was a transition in the Messiah’s ministry from Prophet to Priest.

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