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MBS058 The Offices of the Messiah

MBS058 The Offices of the Messiah

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MBS058 The Offices of the Messiah 
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Yeshua (Jesus) holds three offices: Prophet, Priest, and King. Although He holds these three offices, He does not function in all three simultaneously, but chronologically. For example, when Jesus was here on the earth during His First Coming, His 3-year ministry, He functioned in His role or office of Prophet. But in the closing week of His life, He went through a transition from the office of Prophet to the office of Priest. To this day, He is functioning as our High Priest in Heaven. Yeshua has not as yet functioned in His third office, the office of King; He will this do after His Second Coming.

This study of the offices of the Messiah will reveal exactly how Yeshua fulfills these three offices.


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