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MBS065 The Servant of Jehovah

MBS065 The Servant of Jehovah

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MBS065 The Servant of Jehovah
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

This study is on the Servant of Jehovah as described by the Prophet Isaiah. Periodically throughout chapters 42–66, Isaiah speaks of an Individual he identifies as the Servant of Jehovah. For Isaiah, this term is a messianic title, for in these passages, he states many things about the Messiah, particularly truths concerning His First Coming. From these Servant of Jehovah passages, much can be learned about the Person and work of Yeshua (Jesus) from the Old Testament—even things never revealed in the New Testament.

Throughout the Servant of Jehovah passages, sometimes God is speaking, sometimes the Servant Himself is speaking, and sometimes Isaiah the Prophet is speaking. These passages are divided into five sections: His presentation and commission, His mission, His training, His death, and His First and Second Comings.

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