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MBS078 The Present Work of the Messiah

MBS078 The Present Work of the Messiah

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MBS 078 - The Present Work of the Messiah
by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

What is Yeshua (Jesus) doing today? Bible teachers often speak about the work of the Messiah in the past, during His lifetime. They also speak about what Jesus will do in the future, such as the Rapture, the Second Coming, the Kingdom, and the Eternal State. It is rare to hear someone teach on what Jesus is doing today. This will be a discussion on the present session, as theologians call it, or the present work of the Messiah. It will be about what Yeshua is doing today.

This topic will be studied in four areas. First, His present position; secondly, His present work in heaven; thirdly, His present work on the earth; and fourthly, the seven figures that illustrate His present work.

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