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MBS167 The Story of Cornelius: Acts 9:32-11:18

MBS167 The Story of Cornelius: Acts 9:32-11:18

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MBS 167 - The Story of Cornelius Acts 9.32-11.18 by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

The story of Paul is interrupted, more or less, by this account of Peter’s witness to Cornelius. This is basically essential, because Paul was clearly commissioned to be the Apostle to the Gentiles in chapter 9, but before he can actually go out to the Gentiles, just as in the case of the Jews and the Samaritans, Peter must first open the door of the Kingdom to the Gentiles by using the “keys of the Kingdom” given to him by the Lord.

So now, the account of the conversion of Cornelius is given in chapter 10, and the first Gentiles were brought into the Body of the Messiah. Once Peter has used his “keys” to open the door, Paul is free to begin his ministry from chapter 13 onward.

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