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MBS170 The Jerusalem Council: Acts 15:1-35

MBS170 The Jerusalem Council: Acts 15:1-35

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MBS 170 - The Jerusalem Council Acts 15.1-35 by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

This great council in Jerusalem falls between the first and second missionary journeys of Paul. On one hand, the Jerusalem Council became necessary because of what took place in the first missionary journey with the turning of many, many Gentiles to the acceptance of the Messiah, apart from the Law of Moses and circumcision. But, on the other hand, any further missionary activities by Paul, such as, his second missionary journey, would have been impossible until this specific issue had been resolved once and for all. So, that is why we have the Jerusalem Council at this particular point in the Book of Acts.

For convenience, this study has been divided into four separate segments: the occasion, the declarations of the Council, the decision of the Jerusalem Council, and the report to the Church at Antioch.

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